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The Hero of Your Dreams TG
Max was just an average high school student with average grades and an average amount of friends. Seemingly nothing was bothering him at all. He'd live each day to the fullest by being with his friends and also maintaining his social life yet living all by himself because his parents wanted him to do so.
With nothing at all to discourage his behavior, it all seemed true that Max wasn't hiding anything from his friends.
But there was something Max kept hidden from everyone, even his own friends and family. It wasn't due to how he was "mentally different" in secret. Nor was it a secret relationship with someone.
The truth was Max was a 'hero' with supernatural powers.
But it wasn't in real life. No, this all took place in his dreams. You see, ever since he was a little kid, Max would have these dreams that he would become this 'heroic' version of himself to defeat a villain trying to cause havoc in the city. But while he would use his powers as much as he could, every time Max was about
:icontech54321:Tech54321 35 4
Confidence Is The Key TG (Yui Hirasawa TG)
Hi there. My name is Nicklas. I am here to tell you all about my story. I hope you all get something positive out of my story. Just to get it out now, it will start depressing to a certain extent, but don’t worry because it will have a happy ending. I couldn’t care less if I spoiled to you all who are reading this the atmosphere that my story has, but all I can say is deal with it. If you hate how I am writing about my life event, then put this book down and buy something else. Buy Twilight for all I care. One question I will get out of the way before delving into my past, you may notice the author’s name isn’t Nicklas. Also, Nicklas sounds like a male name, doesn’t it? Well, that all may be true, but once you hear my story, you will all understand the confusing paragraph I set out at the beginning. For all of you who have bared with me this far into the page, I congratulate you. I’ve never been one to start off a book well, but I’m confident t
:icontgvocals:TGvocals 71 4
Day by Day
January 18
Man, can you believe it? I woke up this morning to find out that I had lost 5 pounds! Just wait until my mom hears about this one. She keeps telling me that chicken is the only way to lose weight, but I ate five slices of pizza yesterday! Granted, I'm still 240 pounds when I should be 180, but who cares. 5 pounds is 5 pounds!
January 19
Another 5 pounds! Man, I'm just rocking this.
January 20
Wow, today I woke up at 225. I mean, I'm happy that I lost 20 pounds in 3 days, but this is a bit weird. Most people advise a couple of pounds a week, but I'm not even doing anything and losing weight. At least today is Saturday. My mom is bringing me out to the store to buy some new clothes, since my old ones are sliding off of me. She also keeps questioning me. It's like she thinks I'm anorexic or something.
January 21
Well, suddenly I'm 215. I'm glad that we bought clothes a little tighter than usual yesterday, since today they're almost loose. My mom scheduled a doctor's appointment
:iconmeliran:Meliran 91 9
Sword of Surprises: Monica TF/TG/AR (Commission)
Commissioned by Bumper3241 (
“Another day another pointless walk through town,” Vance sighed as he continued to do just that, “at least it's not raining today…”
Vance and his current life were pretty stereotypical. He was your average college student with average grades and average friends and all that. Not the most unpredictable life to live, but not the easiest either. Just like any college student, he was forced to continuously deal with a barrage of loans and work, which really hampered his spare time because it always took him a while to finish up with said barrages of loans and work. And it was especially problematic for him because it only really left him with half of every Sunday to actually do stuff outside of college and work.
And when he did get time? He didn't bring a whole lot of stuff to actually do at his dorm. He convinced himself it'd stop him from getting distracted, but several months have passed and it
:iconcrazynaut:CrazyNaut 31 12
Mature content
The Swimming Club TG/TF Story :iconthetgpenguin:theTGpenguin 76 6
Mature content
Summer Camp TG :iconblazefan3669:Blazefan3669 22 11
Mature content
Lab Accident Part 4 (Ending) :iconsuchaweirdo24:Suchaweirdo24 103 9
TG Story: The Three Musketeers
Scott, Victor and Elliot were friends and classmates, they were known to others as an awkward trio. Scott was an athlete, but not a very good one. He tries desperately in search for any form of recognition, but he always fell short. Victor was the slightly chubby class nerd. Smart, indeed, but consequently that made him a smart alec know-it-all that irritated many. Elliot, however, was quite a shy person. He didn't talk much, and usually fled when a stranger tries to strike a conversation. It's a miracle that these three managed to even get together, with a common interest in anime and manga. Scott was a casual watcher of anime. Victor was a huge anime and manga enthusiast. While Elliot, would spend most of his time watching it while he is hiding away from the rest of the world.
One day, Scott was running down the street on his routine jog, and he came across something in his path. A sort of red gemstone. Someone must have dropped it, so he took the gem to help and search for its owner
:iconjayronzski:Jayronzski 36 4
Ghost Hunt (Katie Forester TF)
Rain poured down, thunder boomed, and lightning lit the sky. If there was ever a time to explore a possibly haunted mansion, tonight was the perfect night. And that was exactly what Phillip was here to do. Armed with nothing but a torch and a video camera, Phillip was standing outside of an old abandoned mansion, just outside of town. His friends had claimed it was haunted, and he was here to prove them wrong. To Phillip, ghosts were nothing more than superstitious crap made up to scare kids.
So, after turning his camera on and setting it to start recording, Phillip knocked on the front door of the mansion. Nothing seemed to happen, so after a little while, Phillip reached for the door handle. However, the moment his hand got near it, the door seemed to open on its own, swinging inwards.
“Hmph, probably just the wind,” Phillip said aloud to make sure it showed up in camera. Phillip was confident that ghosts didn’t really exist, and the mansion only seemed creepy becau
:iconclockworkmelody:clockworkMelody 41 5
Saving Lives TGTF
It was freezing freaking cold outside and Ryu wasn't prepared for the gusts that had unexpectedly kicked up on his walk home from school. His flimsy jacket and baggy pants were not the best way to beat the cold, and he wished he had listened to the weather report that morning instead of sleeping in. Well, if he had gotten up earlier he might have also been smarter with what he wore to school. The morning had been relatively mild but a snowstorm found its way to the edge of town during classes and now made Ryu's life miserable. He cursed as more wind pushed through the buildings and turned his nerves into ice blocks.
He looked up in time to see a dark cloud, jutting from the main clump like the middle finger of God, become like a roof above him. Snow started to fall, first tiny flakes, but quickly huge ones that stuck to the ground.
"Shit!" Ryu shivered and looked for a restaurant or somewhere to hide from the snowstorm.
He quickly found that no place was open, everyone was at home prep
:icontgtf:TGTF 52 8
The Vaccine - A TG Story by HeavensShadow
Mature content
The Vaccine - A TG Story :iconheavensshadow:HeavensShadow 239 70
Gift from a Fan- Aile TG
:icondragonball4evermore:Dragonball4evermore 41 20
Miko Mecha Meisters TG - The Awakening
Something is after me and I must run for my life. Going through the eerie forest, my heart is pounding like a drummer drumming his drums to the maximum beat. Suddenly, one of the monsters that is stalking me appears and it pounced at me. Avoiding it, I tumble from the cliff into the ravine rolling down the hill like a barrel.
The roll lasted for a while, eventually landing me into an entrance of a cave. Looking for a place to hide, I force myself to ignore the aching pain of my body and walked into the cave. After walking for a few distance I soon stumble upon an abandon shrine.
Thought it is old, I could feel something is calling me to go to it. Like something in the shrine itself, was waiting for me all this while. I moved slowly towards the building in the cave, but as I am almost reaching the shrine. Suddenly, there is a strong force attacked me.
It was the monster that is chasing me earlier, and I have suffered several wounds from its claws. Putting itself in an attack stance, it
:icontravisswan:travisswan 30 1
Midnight Kiss
Midnight Kiss
By Amber Smithe
It's New Year's Eve and everybody is having a good time at this New Years party! Well, not everybody. Not Dennis.
"Woo-Hoo! Time to ring in the new year! And that means one thing... party! I love parties! Free food! Booze! and, best of all, the girls! Really hot and sexy babes! And, they're all drinking! That should make it easier to get one these hotties to come home with me. At least it should be. What with these chicks?! They should be drunkly hanging off of me right now. Instead, they're chatting with their friends or talking to their boyfriends. Oh great! This really sucks! Stupid broads! They don't know what they're missing."
Dennis creeps over to a couple of girls on the dance floor and starts using cliche one liners on them. All the girls turn him down. Understandably.
"What is up with these stuck-up girls?! All they need is some alcohol in them and they will be so much easier for me to pick up and have my way with them. That doesn't look like that
:iconambersmyth:AmberSmyth 80 15
The Red Scarf: Part 1 (TG)
Disclaimer: I do not own Attack on Titan or it's characters that might be mentioned in this story and the following chapters.
Dylan hit the ground as pain flooded his cheek. A hulking behemoth with curly chestnut hair lurched over him with a grin Dylan wanted to wipe off.
“Think you can just bail on my homework like that you dweeb?” The behemoth known as Aaron snarled. It was just Dylan's luck that after managing to avoid the brute for most of the afternoon, now he would bump into him. His only mistake was trying a shortcut that no one else was using and assuming Aaron would be too stupid to not know about it. Whenever someone didn't do something for that lazy jock, he made sure they meant it. And it had to be whilst Eric was away too.
Dylan wiped his lip, “I-it's n-not my homework to d-do. Do it yourself.” The meek voice that came out didn't really intimidate his opponent.
The behemoth- Aaron- frowned and picked all 158cm (5'2) of Dylan off the ground.
:iconapsm:apsm 24 2
TG Mall, dont fight it by MTBProductions TG Mall, dont fight it :iconmtbproductions:MTBProductions 830 94


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